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Saturday, 26 July 2014 21:48

Youth Interns Produce New Feature Video Featured

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Asher Canto, Kayla Enriquez and Phillip Haughton Asher Canto, Kayla Enriquez and Phillip Haughton CRFM

 Our Time Interning at the CRFM Secretariat

For starters, CRFM is the acronym for Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism. That was the first bit of knowledge that I accquired on my internship. The CRFM is an organization that promotes the proper use of the Caribbean’s fisheries and other aquatic resources for the economic and social benefit of current and future generations.

AsherMy experience as an intern at CRFM was quite informative as it required me to learn more about the fishing industry, such as the socio-economic impacts of the fishing industry, new careers that can be found in the fishing industry and the many benefits of eating fish. Who knew the many benefits of consuming fish?

I can recall reading a CRFM publication stating that fishes are powerhouses for nutrition. They sport twenty percent of our daily protein and are rich in vitamins and trace elements that the body requires. Also they are low in sodium and fat which makes them even healthier. Furthermore, consuming fish helps with brain development. 

None of this would be possible if one day our fish stocks were to become depleted. This is where CRFM steps in, to promote sustainable fishing, and proper management of our aquatic resources.

-- Asher Canto, Student, St. John’s College Junior College, Belize City, Belize


PhillipMy time interning with the CRFM Secretariat was a very good experience. While there I was able to learn more about the work that they do at the CRFM and how it makes a difference throughout the CARICOM member countries.

Most of my time was spent helping to update their website. For example, I added new documents to it that were related to the various projects that they are involved in. Also, I aided in making a video to help to increase awareness about the opportunities and challenges in fisheries and its related issues to the young people of the country of Belize. The video will be on the CRFM's YouTube channel.

-- Phillip Haughton, Student, Lee University, Tennessee, USA




KaylaI, Kayla Enriquez, worked at the CRFM Secretariat for a week (26 June to 2 July 2014). It was truly a great experience for me to engage in the internship. Working with two other youths gave me a chance to connect with other people my own age and meet new people.

I was able to give my service to the CRFM in a project by putting together pictures and a video featuring several interviews. I basically assisted with the technological aspect of things. We created a mini-documentary of how youths see the fishing industry and what they can do to be a part of it and to help improve it.

This was a very interesting and eye opening experience for me, because I was closed-minded to this industry, unaware of how much fishes impact our lives. After this experience I will definitely try my very best to improve my health and eat fish more often. I am truly grateful for the experience and hope that whenever another opportunity comes up that I can help.

-- Kayla Enriquez, Student, St. John’s College Junior College, Belize City, Belize



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