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Quick Facts:

  • % Contribution to GDP: 0.9 (1990)
  • Fishing Area: EEZ (48800 km2); Shelf (277 km2).
  • Fishermen: 2200 (over 80% full-time)
  • Landing sites: 13 major sites
  • Fish Imports: 902.5 MT/3.3US $ M (1993)
  • Fish Exports: 3.5 MT/0.008 US$ M (1993)
  • Fish vendors/hawkers: 500
  • Fish processors: 7 companies (125 employees)
  • Importers: 9 companies (25 employees)
  • Exporters: 4 major (all processors)
  • Subsidies: Tax and duty free concessions on marine fuel, boats, engines, fishing gear and other related supplies.


  1. Moses are open boats of 3-6m in length, propelled either by oars or outboard engines from 10-25 Hp primarily for reef fishing;
  2. Launches are mostly wooden vessels 6-12m in length, propelled by inboard diesel engines from 10-180 Hp primarily for fishing and landing pelagics daily;
  3. Iceboats are greater than 20m in length primarily for fishing pelagics, stay at sea 7-14 days.
  4. Nearby shoals are "London Shallows" and "Trader Banks".
  5. The majority of catches are landed at the three primary landing sites - Bridgetown Fisheries Complex, Oistins Fish Market, and Speightstown Fish Market, which are characterized by market buildings and other facilities. Fish tolls are collected at these sites. There are ten (10) secondary sites characterized by sheds and slabs for cutting fish. There are also many beach and bay areas where boats are moored or beached and fish landed.

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