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Monday, 18 March 2013 22:19

St. Kitts and Nevis

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Quick Facts:

  • % Contribution to GDP: 1.42 (1995) at constant prices.
  • Fishing Area: EEZ (20400 km2); Shelf (845 km2).
  • EEZ (km2): EEZ (20400 km2)
  • Number of Fishers: 350 on St. Kitts (about 46% full-time); 300 on Nevis (about 70% full-time).
  • Number of Landing sites: 11 on St. Kitts and 8 on Nevis.
  • Fish Imports (metric tonne): 904.33 MT (2008)
  • Fish Imports (value in national currency): 11 824 084 EC$(2008)
  • Fish Exports (metric tonne): 107.33 MT (2008)
  • Fish exports (value in national currency): 1 310 964 EC$ (2008)
  • Number of vendors/hawkers: 15 (St. Kitts) 0 (Nevis)
  • Number of processors: 1 (St. Kitts) 1 (Nevis)
  • Importers: 3 (St. Kitts) 1 (Nevis)
  • Number of Exporters: 4 (St. Kitts) 2 (Nevis) Significant quantities are exported by the Nevis Fishermen's Cooperative. On Nevis, 3 other persons occasionally export lobster to Guadeloupe.
  • Incentives to fishers and aquaculture farmers: Duty-free concessions on boats, engines, fishing gear and other related supplies. There is no rebate on marine fuel.


  1. Note: EC$ = US $1.
  2. On St. Kitts there are five major sites which account for nearly 70% of the total of the vessels. To accommodate an expansion of the cruise ship pier in Basseterre, a new fisheries landing site with a breakwater was created farther down the beach and a building for gear storage and fish marketing was erected.
  3. The largest landing area in Nevis is adjacent to the Fisheries Complex in Charlestown. This facility provides gear and equipment, ice and walk-in freezers, outboard motor repairs, fish processing, and stalls for marketing the fish. 

Spiny Lobster Fishery Country Profile

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