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Monday, 18 March 2013 22:19

St. Lucia

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Quick Facts:

  • Fisheries sector contribution to GDP (%): 1
  • Fish production, including aquaculture (metric tonne): 1,695.33 (includes 0.70 mt aquaculture)
  • Fish production, including aquaculture (value in national currency): EC $ 21.7 million
  • Fish exports (metric tonne): nil
  • Fish exports (value in national currency): nil
  • Fish imports (metric tonne): 1,057.86
  • Fish imports (value in national currency): EC $ 13.9 million
  • Per capita fish consumption (kg): n/a
  • EEZ (km2): 200 nm
  • Shelf area (km2): 552
  • Fishing area (km2): unknown
  • Number of landing sites: 17
  • Number of fishers: 1355 (full time), 870 (part time)
  • Number of fishing vessels: 574
  • Fishing gear types: Trolling lines, flyingfish nets, beach seines, fillet nets, fish pots, harpoons, longlines, palange, scuba tanks (for conch), spear guns, gillnets and handlines.
  • Number of vendors/hawkers: 50
  • Number of processors: 15 (primary)
  • Number of exporters: nil
  • Number of importers: 43
  • Area under aquaculture (hectares): 9.7
  • Number of aquaculture farms: 45
  • Number of aquaculture farmers: 99
  • Incentives to fishers and aquaculture farmers: • waiver of import duties and waiver of consumption tax for registered/licensed fishing vessel owners on fishing vessels, engines and lubricants. • waiver of import duties on equipment and tools, including fishing gear and materials, safety/communication/navigational aids. • rebate on fuel to fishers who are members of fishers’ co-operatives. • waiver of all duties on imports by fisher co-operatives.


  1. EC $2.67 = US$1

Spiny Lobster Fishery Country Profile

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